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  • What is leasing?
    Leasing is a long established, tax efficient way of financing a wide variety of business equipment and assets. This allows the business to spread the cost over time which can be matched to income generation or production schedules helping manage cash flow.
  • Who Lease Finances?
    Practically every businesses or organisation can take advantage of lease finance irrespective of the sector within which they operate. They range from sole traders to Multi-National companies, National, Regional and Local Authorities, Charities and Schools and many other organisations.
  • What can I lease?
    Almost all types of business assets can be leased; this includes all capital expenditure and some services (installation, training and consultancy). We can provide funding for many types of equipment. The list includes, but is not limited to:
    Photocopiers and Office equipment
    Computers and IT Systems
    Printing and Graphics equipment
    Warehouse equipment and Machine Tools
    Medical, Dental and Optometry equipment
    Recycling, Construction and CCTV equipment
    Retail, Catering and Gym equipment and refurbishment
    Vending and Drinks Machines

  • Why not buy the equipment outright?
    There can be significant cash flow and tax advantages to lease financing high value and depreciating capital assets. The cash preserved by leasing equipment can be used in the business to generate further profits while the lease finance repayments can be matched to income generation or production plans.
  • Will the rental payments change?
    No. Payments are fixed and are not affected by fluctuations in general interest rates over the period of your lease, allowing you to budget with certainty.
  • What about Insurance?
    You are required to insure against loss and damage. You are also required to insure against third party risks, including loss, damage or injury to persons or property.
  • What is the length of the lease agreement?
    This can be varied depending on your business needs; typically these are between 2 and 5 years.
  • What happens if I want to settle the lease early?
    Assuming your payments are up to date, you will need to provide 3 months’ notice and you make a single discounted termination payment.
  • Can I upgrade the equipment?
    Yes, you can swap out equipment during the term of a lease and replace or upgrade old equipment. In most cases this is most cost effective about two-thirds through the term of the lease agreement.
  • What happens when the lease ends?
    Many of our customers replace the old equipment with new and simply start a new lease. If however, you wish to acquire the old equipment we can usually arrange for you to purchase title of the goods.
  • What happens if I sell the business before the lease ends?
    Your lease agreement is usually non-transferable; all outstanding balances must be paid before title can be passed to the new owner.
  • Why don’t I just go to my Bank?
    Many businesses wish to preserve their working capital facilities and choose to fund capital assets though lease finance. It makes sense to spread your credit lines and/or preserve your headroom in your existing bank facilities, keeping them for a later date or for other profitable business uses. Bank overdrafts are repayable on demand, usually on variable interest rates, often require additional security and subject to annual review and therefore may not be ideal for financing loner term capital purchases.
  • Who is actually providing the funding?
    We are, Rivers Leasing is the lender and provides finance from its own resources.
  • Any other questions?
    If you have any further questions or require additional information please email us.

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