About Us

Rivers Leasing was founded in 2010 and incorporates a range of professional histories in management and finance at international corporations. That experience has brought a combination of good corporate governance and practical, flexible policies and procedures to Rivers Leasing. As a result, we work towards positive outcomes rather than sticking to a prescriptive rule book.

Concentrating on lease values between £2,000 and £100,000, our approach hinges on a can do attitude and short communication lines, alongside the financial status of the customer, with a wide range of business sectors and assets within scope. Brokers, Suppliers and Business Owners are central to the way we work, harnessing highly valued, long-term partnerships for healthy business.

Sustainable growth

Now boutique, niche, award winning, specialist, Rivers Leasing has built a stable and proven platform that has made the business ready to expand. This process began in the latter part of 2016 with investments in new talent to facilitate steady and sustainable growth that allows for the preservation of the personality of the business, and enhances the already reliable and professional team, whose make-up is a potent fusion of highly valued experience and new ideas.

Focusing on individual 'stories'

There is a lot of emphasis in the leasing industry on streamlined processes and fitting customers into a template. This is where Rivers Leasing differs because we are interested in the client's narrative as well as the metrics, and will always listen to their 'story' before making a decision.

We are not a company who will put the customer through a computer system and see what it says, our decisions are based on knowledge and experience alongside new ideas and new ways of thinking.

Rivers Leasing finds the value in primarily dealing on a person by person basis, and it is with this approach that we have made our name in the market and are projected to grow over the coming years.

Rivers Leasing plc

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