Block Discounting

Grow your block business: funding for new and existing lenders

From one lender to another, Rivers is here to help, as we are an established and specialist funder, having grown our own book since 2010 and since become a real presence in the market. 

We know just how important smaller independents and even new lenders are for the development of UK businesses.  However, getting the right level of funding to grow your own book can be a big challenge and that is where our Rivers block discounting products can help. 

Firstly, there is our incubator service for those brokers who want to start building a book from their own deal flow, or to accelerate from an existing small base.  Secondly, there is our top-up facility for existing funders who are already maxed out with their main credit lines and just need a little more flexibility.

What we can do for brokers building their own book

Incubator block discounting

Rivers’ incubator block discounting is for independent brokers, who want to build a book from their own deal flow. Funding support will enable you to not only grow and diversify your business but, in addition to your commission earnings, you can build real future value in your book.

  • Help to grow your own book
  • Access funding to get you started 
  • Earn interest
  • Generate a new annuity income stream 
  • Put more future value into your business
  • Create a form of pension fund
  • Learn to understand third party audit requirements

What we can do for larger funders

Supplementary funding lines

For lenders who already have existing funding lines, we may be able to offer a supplementary funding line.

  • This is useful if your regular funding goes offline while you’re renegotiating terms 
  • It provides a buffer if your main funding lines are already at their limits 
  • Allows you to accommodate opportunities that pop up unexpectedly, where you can’t increase your regular funding lines quickly enough.
  • By using Rivers, you can optimise business opportunities across a range of assets, industry sectors and finance types.

Is block discounting right for you?

Our block discounting service could be right for you if you’re one of the following:

  • An existing broker seeking to create more customer options.
  • A new lender who wants to grow their book and eventually move to larger block providers.
  • A manufacturer or distributor who wants to create an in-house, point of sale funding option for customers.
  • A credit broker with an appetite to become a lender in your own right.
  • An established lender seeking to take further advantage of new business opportunities.

 How it works

If your capital is tied up in loan agreements and you need funding to achieve further growth or explore new opportunities, then Rivers will work with you to establish your eligibility for funding and the level of funding you might be able to achieve. Then we could release cash against blocks of your customer agreements at a discounted rate, allowing you to reinvest this money into new agreements and develop your book further.What are the options?

With Rivers' block discounting, you could access:

  • Funding lines commencing at £250,000
  • New standalone funding facilities 
  • Top-up facilities where other lenders are already in place

What can Rivers provide block discounting for:

  • Leases
  • Loans
  • Hire purchase (HP)
  • Business Loans
  • Vehicle funders
  • Consumer loans providers

Talk to the team

If you would like to find out more about our incubator block discounting service, contact our relationship management team, who will be happy to assist, on 0208 424 8262.

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