A rising tide lifts all boats: why success isn’t all about me against you

Posted: Friday, 24 May 2019 @ 16:19

The end of the financial year sparks all kinds of change, in addition to a wealth of business admin, and for many of us it can a time of anxiety as well as opportunity.

April, and the period of time leading up to it, marks a moment in the year where we are forced to look at our income and outgoings in the glaring light of day and the tax man, both as businesses and as individuals.  Budgets are set, dead wood is cast aside and it is an opportunity to look forward, as well as to assess the recent past.

Two ways of looking forward

For all its promise for the future, the tectonic shifts that this can make us all feel are in motion, can be deeply unsettling for teams.  After all, I am sure all of us have found ourselves in environments that thrive on an engendered sense of anxiety to drive a competitive edge amongst members of staff, at least once in our careers.

However, the end of the financial year also runs in parallel with the start of spring, an unequivocally hopeful time.  As the daffodils bloom and the birds start to sing, once all the paperwork is done, this, the real New Year for those of us with any involvement with finance, is a chance to look forward with enthusiasm.  This is the approach that we, at Rivers Leasing, choose to take, both now and throughout the year.

Consideration over unsustainable development

'A rising tide lifts all boats’ - is a quote from our Chairman, embodying a mentality that we have made an intrinsic part of our way of operating.  It is to say that we believe in a corporate environment that facilitates strong working relationships with colleagues as well as clients.  It is a mentality of good will and decency that underpins our approach to carefully considered organic growth instead of aggressive and unsustainable development for the benefit of short term targets.

The ethos is one that informs the longevity of our growth strategy.  To date, we have always exceeded targets across more than seven years in business, we have distinguished ourselves on a number of levels within the market because we have some select principles we are unwilling to compromise on.

Central to our way of operating are good, long lasting relationships with our brokers, and a desire to see all stakeholders, from investors to clients and employees, benefit from their role in the Rivers Leasing structure.

Small but significant

While of course this is brought into practical being in the form processes, due diligence and good corporate governance, it starts in the seemingly small actions we take on a day-to-day basis.  It is in the way a team works together - the seemingly insignificant deeds and words of encouragement that conspire to lift the collective mood and set the course ahead. 

This rising tide, first of all has an effect on us and the way we set about our work, and then hopefully spills out to our dealings with partners and customers, whereby external successes fuel our spirits, and so the cycle continues.

Competition is so often the key focus in our line of work - pushing businesses and individuals to their limits with an attitude of one-upmanship driving profits, but that isn’t the only way to operate.  In an economy that’s an ecosystem in its own right, we believe, based on a proven track record, that there’s an opportunity for everyone to benefit and for all boats to float through mutual success - all you need to do is grab a paddle!


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