Keep going: the value of good old fashioned persistence

Posted: Tuesday, 28 January 2020 @ 11:35

As January comes to an end, often so too do a number of our well intentioned, possibly overly ambitious, New Year’s resolutions. So if the promise of a New Year isn’t enough to keep our goals on track, what is? 

Motivation and longevity 

Most of us make unrealistic promises to ourselves at New Year. That celebrity weight loss programme, that career milestone. By the end of January those glorious and grandiose promises are more than likely fizzling out as motivation wanes and the path to progress gets distinctly foggy.  

It turns out that 80% of us fail to achieve our New Year's resolutions, and according to an article in the Telegraph, behavioural scientists say it’s because “people often set too large and too vague targets, such as ‘losing weight’ or ‘exercising more’ and tend to focus on ‘what’ they are changing rather than ‘why’. By contrast, research has shown that setting small, achievable goals, is the best approach, while looking forward to a specific end-point, such as being able to compete in a 5k race, or fit back into a much-loved dress for a party, can provide ongoing motivation.” 

The good and the glamorous 

Amongst science-based resolution hacks for keeping a New Year’s resolution, researchers herald the power of making a plan. In 2001, those at the University of Bath found that of people sticking to a new exercise routine, 91% of those who made a plan had stuck to their target, compared to 35% of a control group left on their own, and 38% of those given extra motivation. 

In short, the problem is that most of the New Year’s resolutions that we make sound impressive, but lacking strategy, planning and, as a result, longevity. What we need, in our personal lives as much as in our work lives, is a plan and a little old fashioned persistence - preferably the kind that includes careful management and due diligence. It’s not a catchy motto, but it’s one that’s always worked for us.  

Practicing what we preach 

For example, in terms of how we see Rivers Leasing moving forward, we have always been committed to organic growth that fits with our own capabilities in order to give all stakeholders with as much security and stability as possible. In terms of our clients, dependability comes in the form of short communications lines and quick decision making processes. 

The thing about dependability and consistency is that they give us the confidence and security to do wonderful things. When you need financing to support the growth and development of your business, you need it in good time. That’s the mundane but valuable bit. However, the exciting thing is that on those foundations, you can make really exciting things happen - watch that company grow and take your team to new heights, for example.

The downside, is that good management, due diligence and good old fashioned persistence, don’t necessarily make for great Instagram posts… but that’s probably something we can learn to live without.


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