Knowing where you stand: fixed rate borrowing for business growth

Posted: Thursday, 20 October 2022 @ 09:30

On the news this week, one of the presenters referred to the current economic situation as 'unprecedented'. It seems that we consistently live in unprecedented times, which to a greater or lesser extent means we each need to take control where we can.  

Irrespective of what's going on around us, businesses have to move forwards - we don't just want to survive, we want to grow and thrive and prosper. Because if not now, when?

A loan that's good for business

What almost every business needs to grow is cash: cash to keep things moving and cash to invest. One way to release cash is through borrowing, but in a world of flux and rapidly rising interest rates, that solution doesn't seem quite as straightforward as it once was.

The cost of borrowing is a significant part of whether it works for your business, but arguably more than the cost itself is the dependability of that cost. You can't incorporate borrowings into your growth plans if you don't know the cost of it from one day to the next.

We all set budgets and targets for our businesses, and we all accept that there are a certain number of variables to contend with as the days go by. Nonetheless, the cost of borrowing is something we don't want to be subject to dramatic variables - we want to know where we stand so we can establish affordability and ascertain if a loan is going to be fundamentally good for business.

Business loans you can depend on

Lease finance and amortising fixed term business loans offer a solution for releasing cash, with money borrowed against assets you already own. It allows you to fund business expansion, take up new opportunities or release funds for cash flow, without the risk of the impact of volatile and increasing interest rates. 

A crucial feature of Rivers’ loans and leases, especially in this fluctuating market, is that during the term of our agreements, they operate on a fixed interest rate. Therefore, any future increases in interest rates will not change your monthly repayments.

As soon as a transaction is agreed, you know where you stand from the outset and what your repayments will be each month. The market might change but our arrangement with you won't.  

Cash when you need it 

We see our role as being a facilitator to business growth, and we understand how important access to cash is for a growing organisation. As a result, we make it possible to access our finance solutions in a number of ways – business loans, finance leases, hire purchase, asset refinance, and sale and lease back. 

Cost, expediency and dependability - it’s the trifecta for borrowing for business growth that provides stability in a state of flux. We can offer two to five year fixed rate loans, leases and hire purchase, so there is no need to be at the whim of increasing interest rates.

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