Leasing and the Beautiful Game, are they more alike than you thought?

Posted: Friday, 24 May 2019 @ 16:19

Up until Wednesday, football fever pitch had England in its grip.  However, even amidst the disappointment it is clear that our collective love of The Beautiful Game is woven into the fabric of the UK, so much so that we have even been able to draw parallels with the world of asset finance - bear with us.

The beautiful game, a moniker popularised by Brazilian professional footballer Pele, in 1977, can be called so as much as for its formation and structure as for the passion and patriotism it engenders.

Perhaps it is because of its high octane emotions, or because at the end of the day we’re all trying to achieve the same things - goals - if you look closely, there are a number of parallels between asset finance and football. 

For example, there are multiple divisions (funders of different sizes and specialities), there are referees (Financial Conduct Authority), and we have our very own FA in the form of the Finance and Leasing Association.  Then there are goalies (credit departments), strikers (front line sales), backs (operations departments), and wings (sales support).  We even like to think we have a few fans (customers) out there too.

Not yet convinced? We will get to the point.

Both football and finance are emotive areas of our lives where fairness and good decision making are imperative.  Throughout the World Cup, we have heard much about the Video Assistant Referee system, known as VAR; football’s first use of video technology to reach more accurate decisions about the game, and the way it operates is much the way we approach our decision making on loans at Rivers Leasing.  

The video technology allows you to look through the facts, replay them and make accurate, game changing decisions quickly, so that everyone can get back to the match at hand.

In much the same way, where larger institutions can take longer to process information, or apply a fixed set of rules and a lack of detailed attention to individual circumstances, Rivers Leasing looks at every deal individually.  We pay attention to the details, and look through and replay the information until we reach the right decision.  We do this quickly and accurately to maintain service levels, and we are mindful that the choices we make can be life changing for the British businesses we work with. 

So, while football might not be coming home this time around, back on the mainland we’re still achieving the best goals possible for everyone we work with.


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