No ‘I’ in ‘team’ means working for the benefit of individuals

Posted: Friday, 8 November 2019 @ 12:29

Turn on the TV right now and the chances are you will see a very large ego looking back at you. They’re everywhere, and it makes for edge-of-the-seat watching.

There’s a time and a place for big egos, and it’s not unusual for businesses or organisations to focus heavily on the role of a leader in their structure and their story. However, for our part, we prefer to adhere to the old adage ‘there’s no ‘I’ in team’, and ultimately it actually means we are better able to work towards the greater benefit of individuals.

The approach to the festive season seems like a good time to talk about the value of the people around us in everything that we do. Since we started in 2010, people have been central to the way in which we operate.

Our team

Of course, we have a Chairman. He is flanked by two Non Executive Directors, a Business Development Director and a Business Operations Director in order to allow for balanced and informed decision making. We also have a team who come from a variety of industry backgrounds to allow for different perspectives, skillsets and ideas. Many of them have been with us from the start, and have developed their own strong bonds with clients whom they have been able to support for nine years and counting.

Our team also has a personal sense of ownership and pride in the work that we do, knowing that they have been instrumental to the development and future of the company. You may, for example, recall Rishi, a bastion of the Rivers Leasing team, who was promoted to Business Operations Director earlier this year.

Our broker partners

Then there are the brokers that we work with. As integral to who we are as those who function within the four walls of our offices. While we work directly with businesses as well, brokers are a fundamental part of Rivers Leasing. We value their perspectives, their processes and the individual relationships that we have developed and continue to develop with them.

Our clients

Last, but by no means least, we have our clients, whom we always recognise as people rather than transactions. Whose individual circumstances we always aim to understand and work with for positive solutions and outcomes, through a combination of human understanding, financial expertise, good corporate governance and practical, flexible policies and procedures. 

The result is an infrastructure that always works for the benefit of the whole. For all stakeholders including the team, investors, partners and clients. Rivers Leasing is not dependent on one person and therefore it can bend and flex and withstand change because of its lack of ego. Magically, by looking after the whole, it actually means that we are better able to take care of every individual who forms part of our story.

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