​​Refurbish, re-equip, redirect: 2022 is the year we deliver

Posted: Tuesday, 11 January 2022 @ 09:57

2022 is the year that we’re all going to make things happen. For lots of businesses, 2020 was a write off, 2021 was a year for putting one foot in front of the other, but 2022 has a new air of possibility about it. No more excuses, it’s not just about keeping calm and carrying on, it’s about proactively jumping into the next chapter and there’s help available if it’s needed.

Taking charge 

As customers, we have all heard of or experienced some of the side effects of the pandemic. Supply issues, staffing shortages, a lack of finance, and hastily assembled Covid protocols have all lead to things like poor service levels, delays and so forth. 

Most of us are tired of hearing the ‘Covid’ excuse, however. It’s not because it’s invalid, but because we’re bored of it. Two years in, and it’s no longer ‘unprecedented’, it’s simply a way of life. We all want to move forward – there’s a palpable energy for it and in many ways it’s an exciting time for business. For example, we know lots of very good managers who are thriving on the cut and thrust of the prospect of a new dawn.

What the future looks like

For some businesses, moving forward simply means picking up where they left off. For most however, it means some degree of change. Whether it’s a refurbishment to encompass infection control on a more permanent basis, re-equipping to add new skill sets to the organisation or redirecting your business to suit a changed climate. The focus is not on simply coping but thriving, making the next 12 months a period for being proactive and taking the bull by the horns. 

If you’re anything like us, that sort of change, shift or development requires two things:

  1. The mindset
  2. The resources

Getting into the right mindset usually means having time to let your thoughts percolate. While most of the working week, or even the working year is about getting on with the ‘doing’, the best ideas usually come from quiet contemplation. That might be out walking the dog, doing the gardening or binge watching Netflix - all of which the holidays allowed. 

In terms of resources, we know that access to funds has been hard for businesses over the last few months. There have been government loans, which have helped, but as we move away from that phase the banks have not picked up the slack. This is where independent funders can, in some instances, provide a solution.

The other underlying resource problem for many is supply, and this can of course affect finance. It’s one of the reasons we have an acceptance period after credit approval, just in case equipment doesn’t arrive as quickly as expected. There are funding options available, we provide one of them, but if we are not the right solution for a particular individual, there are others in the market as well – both smaller lenders and larger.

The best ideas happen in the quiet

Having just had a frenetic few months heading towards the end of the calendar year, as well as the frenzy leading up to Christmas and closing off the books, most businesses experienced a lull over the holidays.

It’s been the perfect time to relax the brain and let thoughts percolate, we we can hit the ground running with fresh ideas, a fresh perspective and renewed energy this year.

Let’s get on with it.

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