Rivers Leasing sponsors asset finance event in the North of England

Posted: Thursday, 19 May 2022 @ 09:56

This month marks the first biannual event of 2022 for the asset finance industry in the North of England.

The gathering of industry professionals, ranging from owner managers to brokers, meet to discuss the industry, including the opportunities and challenges that are emerging, as well as generally building trusting relationships.

Bringing the asset finance community together 

The event was founded five years ago by Peter Jamison, who heads up our Incubator Block Discounting service, along with Ian Munford from Bermans solicitors. The idea was to provide an opportunity for the industry to gather in the North of England. The other leading event, organised by the Asset Finance Professionals Association, one of the founders of which is our Non-Executive Director, Stephen Bassett, is more London centric. 

The North of England embodies a significant proportion of the asset finance community, with respected minds amongst those working hard for and contributing to the thriving sector. 

An industry focused event 

What began as a small pub gathering five years ago is now an invitation-only get together of around 200 people, with no attendance fees other than paying your own bar tab. The prerequisite, however, is that the focus is discussion and relationship building rather than sales. 

Peter says: “Over the past five years the event has grown in popularity and it always has a very supportive, community atmosphere. I think the key thing about it is that everyone who turns up is a ‘doer’ from the asset finance industry. There are no promotions, it’s not for people selling to the industry, and there are no speeches. It’s a room full of like minded people discussing, comparing notes, meeting and networking.”

At Rivers Leasing we are proud to work with brokers and owner managers across the UK, with many clients and partners operating in the North of England, and it’s a great pleasure to be part of an event that brings that community together.

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