The law of diminishing returns

Posted: Friday, 24 May 2019 @ 16:19

As Christmas clatters towards us full tilt and the frenzy of gift giving and indulging commences, impulsiveness reaches a peak across the UK, and there’s wonderful joy in that.

However, while rapid up-selling as you purchase new electronics for much loved family members may equate to giddier smiles around the Christmas tree, speedy escalation isn’t always more favourable than steady growth, particularly when it comes to business.  That’s where we at Rivers have been particularly methodical in our approach since we started in 2011.

To us it’s all about value; giving clients value in the service that we offer, and offering both positive experiences and business solutions when it comes to asset finance.   I used to have a friend who would get very competitive about gadgets - televisions in particular; he had to have the latest, the best, the most high tech TV as soon as it appeared on the shelves. 

The difference between the proverbial £100 TV and the £200 TV was extraordinary.  From £200 to £500 there was a noticeable improvement.  From £500 to £1000 there was still a significant benefit to the rapid increase in spend, but from £1000 to £3000 the return on investment was markedly smaller.  As the cost escalated the benefits fizzled to marginal increments and it merely became about status.

This is not a lesson in trying to be cheap - far from it.  This is about asking ‘what is the reward for extra growth?’  For growth to be effective and rewarding for all parties, it has to be carefully considered and thoughtfully managed otherwise we risk getting ahead of our own capabilities and we don’t end up with the benefit. On the other hand, if you take a slower and more organic approach, you grow at a pace that you can control and manage without busting the business.  That’s very much what Rivers Leasing has done. 

Our aspiration has always been to provide an exemplary service, so we have managed our growth to make sure we can still deliver on noticeable quality, whatever our size. It has been an exciting year at Rivers Leasing.  We started by being named in the 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe for 2017 in the FT1000, and have welcomed new members of the team with additions to all departments from finance to marketing, including the addition of a new Broker Manager who has since been promoted to Business Development Director.  

As the team continues to grow in line with business developments and demand, we enjoy strong relationships with trusted brokers across the UK, building longstanding partnerships that are at the heart of what we do.   That foundation, built slowly and steadily over the past seven years has allowed us to grow without reducing the quality of our service, and as such we continue to be in a position to grow further, facilitated by our recent launch of a £3 million loan notes investment opportunity with award winning P2P investment provider Crowdstacker, offering investors the chance to earn a fixed 6.5% gross p.a. return over three years.  

For more information visit https://www.crowdstacker.com/rivers

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