The value of the human connection

Posted: Friday, 24 May 2019 @ 16:19

Ten years ago, the world and his wife would have been quick to tell you that printed books and magazines were a thing of the past. Much the same was said about the role of brokers in the finance industry.  Fortunately for us, as fans of both books and brokers, neither has turned out to be true, proving that there's inherent value in a tangible connection.

A couple of weeks ago we attended the launch of the NACFB's new print magazine, Commercial Broker. In a world of digital, and dark prophecies about the state of the economy, the launch of what is ostensibly a luxury print product seems curious, but it actually turns out to be rather poignant. 

Craftsmanship and quality

The launch of the magazine took place at the Victorian Bath House at Bishopsgate Churchyard. A unique, Grade II listed gem in the heart of the City, it was a curious but apt choice of location, bringing together a common theme - careful craftsmanship, quality and the unmistakable beauty of human endeavour.

When speaking at the event, the magazine's editor Kieran Jones, drew a parallel between the endurance of print as a medium for magazines and the endurance of the role of brokers. Why? Because of our inherent human need to connect.

What that two dimensional perspective of 10 years ago forgot, was that these services and products do not cater to robots. They cater to people, and it is a very human need to connect. Having something tangible, feeling a connection with another human being is an intrinsic and instinctive way of creating trust.  Trust of course, is superbly important when absorbing information or making decisions about your finances. 

The whole person

Human perspective is something that's integral to the way we work at Rivers Leasing. Of course, we have systems as part of our due diligence.  However, we also take into account the individual, their story, their whole circumstance. That is a fundamental part of our processes as well.  It is that connection that allows us to make decisions that other organisations cannot.

In 2019 both print and brokers continue to have a vital role to play. They may have evolved in their function, but they are still as relevant as ever. Their respective markets have not been overtaken by digital, they have been expanded, proving that however clever technology gets, it's important to never underestimate the value of the human connection.


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