What backgrounds does it take to make a successful asset finance company?

Posted: Friday, 24 May 2019 @ 16:19

No man is an island, and that truth can also be said of businesses.

When you work in asset finance, your product, in broad terms does not distinguish you from other businesses.  There’s nothing new about providing funds to entrepreneurs in return for some form of interest.  Business finance has been around for millennia in some form or another, and from one business to the next the basic mechanics of it does not change very much. 

What does set companies apart are the details - their customer service, their processes and, of course, their staff.  At Rivers Leasing, one of the things that sets us apart is our mindset, forged through the different backgrounds of our team who bring a fusion of innovation and good corporate governance to the table.  

From those of us who have worked in the asset finance industry for more than 40 years, to those of us who come from the worlds of law, sport, photography, travel and cosmetics, we all have something different to offer.  As such, our team is amongst our greatest assets for their work ethic, their dedication, their insights, their personal integrity and, frankly, because they are nice people.  

The chemical make-up of Rivers Leasing

While 50% of senior management at Rivers Leasing have their own backgrounds resolutely in more than 40 years of the asset finance and wider financial arenas, and as such are the steadfast guardians of due diligence and careful processes, the other 50% reflect the wider company’s chemical make-up.  That includes both B2B and B2C businesses in the likes of cosmetics, travel, leisure and golf.  This allows us to contemplate a sense of possibility inspired by the wider world of business.  

The combination of highly valued soft and hard skills is strongly in line with the changing world around us, and is intrinsically important to the future proofing any organisation by providing it with an ability to adapt.  This way of thinking is reflected by major corporations such as EY (Ernst & Young), who have identified the in-demand future skills as including problem solving, creativity, cognitive flexibility, emotional intelligence and collaboration.   

Why people are the key to adaptability

Adaptability is one of the unsung virtues of modern business, which is why innovation, a commitment to personal customer service, loyalty and an ability to evolve are at the centre of Rivers Leasing.  

For us, there are two prongs to that flexibility: the first is in listening to our customers; the second is making sure we have the skills to deliver our service and deliver it well.  While industry knowledge is imperative to that, so too is the diversity of our team and all the background experience they represent - a fact that last month’s second FT1000 listing in two consecutive years will attest to.


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