Royal weddings and a healthy Firm

Posted: Friday, 24 May 2019 @ 16:19

What a year it has been for the Royal family.  A monumental wedding, Prince Charles’s 70th birthday, and now the Queen’s birthday has also passed as another happy celebration.  Even the sun put his hat on for the occasion.

Whatever one’s view of the monarchy, it always seems so uncanny how many of their highs and lows mirror truths in our lives, and the union of wise old heads and traditional values alongside new thoughts and ideas for the future is most definitely one of them.

Through the reign of Elizabeth II, few have learned more harshly and publicly the perils of blindly following the old guard.  However, at what has seemed like the dawn of a new era greeted by the dulcet American tones of the new Duchess of Sussex and the pitter patter of George, Charlotte and Louis’ little feet, it seems that the Royal family has finally found harmony between its historic traditions and its future role.  

In quite literally marrying these ideals, it appears the monarchy is stronger than ever - at least if the 21st century currency of popularity is anything to go by  The latest YouGov stats reported that in the lead up to the Royal wedding over two-thirds (69%) of Britons are monarchists with 11% showing indifference.  This compared to the disastrous ratings 20 years ago.

Security in the old and hope in the new

Here is the interesting part about this strategic and carefully managed about turn however.  The change in opinion has not come about by simply announcing that it is out with the old and in with the new - a point illustrated by the fact that Her Majesty herself remains the most popular Royal amongst her glamorous grandchildren and their respective spouses, with 92% of those polled citing her as their favourite Royal. 

The pomp, the circumstance, the tradition has not been thrown aside for the new ideas, people and processes.  Instead there has been a careful fusion of the two - an open mindedness and careful consideration instead of a blind faith in one or the other, and the result is a little bit of fairytale magic.  There is security, gravitas and wisdom taken from the old, but excitement, promise and hope that rises from the new.  

How royal example can benefit business

This is a position that we, at Rivers Leasing, believe all businesses can learn from, and one that we have always made great efforts to weave into the fabric of our own company.  

In recent months we have written about Stephen Bassett, our Non-executive Director and seasoned member of the asset finance industry.  We have mentioned Stephen’s role alongside our other Non-executive Director Michael Friend as well as further members of the board and senior management teams.

We have also introduced you to younger members of the team such as Rishi Shah and Darlene Fernandes, who bring different industry backgrounds and experience to the team to help ensure the healthy and dynamic environment that most benefits all stakeholders.

Together we believe this is the formula to ensure a strong business with the promise of longevity - a goal that all ‘firms’ are surely united in. 

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