Why non-bank specialist lenders are a business owner's best friend

Posted: Wednesday, 25 January 2023 @ 10:28

We are all part of an ecosystem when it comes to business, and within that ecosystem non-bank specialist lenders are critical, particularly when traditional banks tighten their belts when it comes to lending. Non-bank lenders do provide an essential function for business owners with an eye firmly on a positive future. In this article we wanted to discuss the role of non-banks as we start a new year striving for growth.  

The fiscal sweet spot

It’s widely considered that to ease inflation and boost the country's finances we need to stimulate growth, spending and general movement in the economy. However, a healthy dose of fiscal conservatism is right and proper alongside an appetite for making things happen. It’s an entrepreneurial mindset that not everyone has and not everyone can have. 

The sweet spot from a lender’s perspective is a balance between due diligence and a willingness to facilitate cash flow. The combination of like-minded synergy with business leaders and the capacity to act is the unique expertise of non-bank specialist lenders, that gives us our place within the financial ecosystem.

A community working for collective benefit

Perhaps one of the things that's not often communicated in the world of finance is the community that exists within it. Finance is a sector that can be perceived as purely transactional, but it's a community that helps individual business owners to find the support that they need, particularly regarding asset finance and the provision of business loans. 

Independent, non-bank lenders have greater flexibility for personalisation. The relationships they build directly with business owners and brokers are essential. Brokers are instrumental in having a bird’s eye view of the market so they can bring the right customer to the right lender because they believe the partnership to be one of mutual benefit. This is the nature of community - working together to fulfil a common interest.In a world populated by businesses, brokers and non-bank specialist lenders, you will find a competitive and collaborative environment that marks itself out as having a special place in the economic development of the UK.

A like-minded appetite for business growth

As a non-bank specialist lender ourselves, our role is to fill the gaps where banks are unable to, or do not, operate. We exist in harmony with one another, providing different benefits and opportunities to business owners. 

As such, after the last recession, the pandemic, and now, non-banks have played a substantial role to fill. We support the investment needs of SMEs across the UK so that instead of standing still and holding their breath, they can grow positively and intentionally. 

Through the turbulence of the last year, non-banks and independent lenders remained strong, heralding an entrepreneurial appetite for success, growth and moving forwards amongst business leaders. Non-banks share that mindset. 

Furthermore, lenders like Rivers are SMEs themselves, so we not only offer a product range that provides growth options for businesses, but our outlook is similar to that of our clients. We are commercial, competitive, and have a clear understanding of the pressures, challenges and needs of SMEs. 

We understand the need for expediency to take advantage of growth opportunities; the need for speedy decision making to keep a company moving; and sometimes the need to look beyond the traditional confines of lending and find a way to make things work. We are kindred spirits, adapting and evolving to meet for the commercial climate today and in the future. That’s why we believe non-bank specialist lenders are a business owner's best friend.  

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